Relaxing retreat


Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: DAVID WHITE // May/June 2015 Our Showcase Home is located within Tyler’s Cascades, a community that hugs the shores of picturesque Bellwood Lake and lines the fairways of a championship golf course of the same ...

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Tigers in East Texas  


Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER // May/June 2015 Lying contently in the back of her enclosure at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, Jasmine, a majestic 14-year-old Bengal tiger, lets out a noise that sounds like something between a ...

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Texas Theatre’s curtain call

Texas Theatre

Writer: AMANDA MAIN // Photographer: LEE LOVELESS // May/June 2015 Walking into the historic Texas Theatre in Palestine, Texas, feels a bit like traveling back in time to 1930. The original Spanish Colonial architecture and design have mostly been rebuilt ...

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Lauren’s musical journey

Courtesy Photo

Writer: CORY McCOY // Photos: Courtesy // May/June 2015 Lauren Alexander always knew that she wanted to be a musician, but it wasn’t until years into her career that she realized exactly what kind of music she really wanted to ...

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Patience & Praise

Patience & Praise

Writer: LESLIE HARRISON // Parenting // May/June 2015 Sometimes I look at my children and think, “Who are you?” What happened to the innocent toddlers who followed me Pied Piper-style everywhere? My soon-to-be 16-year-old who thinks I know nothing except ...

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What we’re reading: May/June 2015

Rich in History_Fireside Books

Writer:  TINA BAUSINGER // Book Reviews “Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins Rachel Watson has issues. She’s a troubled alcoholic, obsessed with the other people’s lives she sees from her window on the train commute to and from a job ...

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Packing a punch

Megan Ybarra 4

Writer: J. DAVID BARRON // Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO // May/June 2015 When a boy smacked Megan Ybarra on the bottom, a beast was born. “It was in the eighth grade and as she was putting her trumpet back up when she ...

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Jump for it

iJump 6

Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER // May/June 2015 Kelly Rhoads always has been a ball of energy and the epitome of physical fitness. Since she was a teenager, she’s embraced distance running. As she got older, she ...

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 John Hartley: “Raw Realities”

Courtesy photo

Writer: DANNYMOGLE // Photos: Courtesy // May/June 2015 John Hartley is asking a lot of questions. On this night, he is standing in the middle of a gallery at Tyler Museum of Art surrounded by his bold paintings of yesteryear ...

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Fashion is blooming this spring


Writer: BRITTANY MAYS // Beauty & Fashion // May/June 2015 “You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, all especially in the month of June, there’s a wealth of happiness and romance all in the golden afternoon” -Disney’s ...

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