As the leaves turn


Click image to view gallery Fashion Coordinator and Photographer: ALEX BECNEL Who doesn’t love the cool temperatures and casual celebrations of fall? It’s the season to pair denim and cotton blends with leather accessories in combinations that are classy and ...

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Lufkin: Heart of forest country

Pines Theater2

  Click here to view images Writer: JENNIFER BABISAK // Photos: Courtesy and Babisak // Sept.-Oct. 2014 Staring up at the skeleton of the fierce-looking, 20-foot tall prehistoric creature known as a hadrosaur, it’s difficult to remember that my family ...

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Here come the holidays

Fall Decor (1)

Writer: JACKIE DEVINE  //  Home Decorating // Sept.-Oct. 2014  We are entering THE BEST time of year! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Christmas but cooler mornings and the smells of fall get my creative juices flowing. ...

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Recommended requirements

 Writer: THE REV. KAREN JONES  //  Sept.-Oct. 2014  The Rev. Karen Jones is the pastor at Asbury and Cedar Street United Methodist churches in Tyler and founder of Mustard Seed Ministries, which provides rebuilt computers to children and nonprofit organizations. ...

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Food & family: Bear Creek Smokehouse

BN Bark Duo1

Click here to view images Writer:  DANNY MOGLE // Photography: Courtesy // Sept.-Oct. 2014  It’s fortunate that back in 1943 Hick Shoults was smart enough to follow some good advice. Hick and his wife, Nellie, were farming cotton and corn ...

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Take time for yourself


 Writer: CRYSTAL BREAUX  //  Life Coaching // Sept-Oct 2014  As a busy woman, do you ever get caught up in trying to “do it all?” Do you split your time between managing a career in and outside of the home, ...

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Joie de vivre!


Click here to view images Writer:  SARAH STARR  //  Photographer: DAVID WHITE   //  Sept-Oct 2014  What makes a house a home? While the best materials, a great floor plan and state-of-the-art appliances certainly provide delight and comfort, personal objects ...

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Grinders and flippers


Click image to view gallery  Writer: GRACE MALONE  // Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO   //  Sept-Oct 2014  A skateboarder roughly grinds across a metal rail and down a concrete ramp. He then goes airborne and returns on the board to the pavement ...

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Make ‘em scream


Click here to view images  Writer: DANNY MOGLE  //  Photographer: HERB NYGREN JR.  //  Sept.-Oct. 2014  Spooky things freak me out. That’s why I didn’t like it one bit when I opened the door to the rusty old building housing the ...

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Chalk it up


Click here to view images Writer: DAVID WALLACE // Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO // Do-It-Yourself // Sept-Oct. 2014  Sometimes a little fear is a good thing. Fear can prevent you from making a big mistake. But fear is a bad thing ...

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