A day with TV’s ‘Salvage Dawgs’

Photo by Tamra Bolton

Writer and Photographer: TAMRA BOLTON  //  Sept./Oct. 2015 Whenever I watch a “reality show” on television, I wonder if the people depicted are the same off camera as they are when the camera is rolling. I now know of one ...

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Unplugging the selfie generation


Writer: LESLIE HARRISON  //  Parenting //  Sept./Oct. 2015 “Hey cutie, we need to leave now,” I call to my preteen daughter. “Just a sec Mom, I need to post this selfie to Insta!” My face drops. Really? The last time ...

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The lost art of floor cloths


Writer: JAN STATMAN  //   Photographer:  ANDREW D. BROSIG  // Sept./Oct. 2015 Kay Clement wants people to understand the difference between a primitive artist and a folk artist. Although both create art without the benefit of having had formal art ...

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Classic looks are back

featured photo

Writer: BRITTANY LEE MAYS // Fashion and Beauty  //  Sept./Oct. 2015   “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery, “Anne of Green Gables” Is it just me, or does it seem like fall ...

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Power of momentum

Doug Baker

Writer: DOUG BAKER  //  Spirituality  //  July/August 2015 Family vacations, for me, are a time to create memories through active play with family. It is a time to get away from the usual demands and busy schedules of life and ...

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Doctor Neon

Dr. Neon

Writer: JAN STATMAN // Photographer: ANDREW D. BROSIG  // July/August 2015 Tim Reardon was enjoying the well-loved tradition of celebrating Eeyore’s Birthday in Austin’s Pease Park when a masked stranger in an elaborate costume walked up to him, pointed his ...

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Watermelon: Summer’s slice of heaven

Photo by Texas Watermelon Association

Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Courtesy Photos //  July/August 2015 What epitomizes summer more than the incredibly juicy and tasty watermelon? Many a summer church social, backyard pool party and lakeside family reunion has featured the versatile watermelon in dishes or ...

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Sisterhood of the Bombers


Writer: GRACE MALONE  //  Photographers: SARAH A MILLER, GRACE MALONE  // July/August 2015 Roller skates rumble across a smooth rink as blockers form a human wall to stop the approaching jammer dead in her tracks. In a burst of raw ...

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Life lessons of summer

By Leslie Harrison. Courtesy Photo

Writer: LESLIE HARRISON // Parenting // July/August 2015 “The theme for this summer is personal responsibility and personal growth,” I announced enthusiastically to my captive audience of three children one morning while taking them to school. We were still weeks ...

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