Cool products that help you thrive

This guided cooking system connected via Bluetooth technology, transforms cooking into an immersive, culinary experience. Cue’s connected pan, induction burner and recipe app guides users through each phase of the cooking process, helping to ensure a perfect dish. hestancue.com AERO ...

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Signature cocktails

Photography: SARAH A. MILLER | Sept./Oct. 2017 Lane Casey, a barista at Juls  restaurant in Tyler, Texas, shares two of his signature cocktails on his variation on the classic, ever-popular Manhattan  SUMMER DAZE – This is one of Lane’s signature drinks. ...

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IN has become Lifestyles Magazine

Welcome to the premiere of Lifestyles Magazine. We are an East Texas-based magazine with a national perspective about the pursuit of the good life — be it through faith, family, travel or leisure. On our pages you will find stories ...

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