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Style: Elegance Personified

  Photographer: Samuel Richmann-Stellar Photo Stylist: Elisabeth Ashley, Eforfashion Wardrobe, Jewelry & Accessories: Versona, in Cumberland Designer Eyewear: West Vison Make Up: Krystal Vasquez Hair: Christopher Robins, Prism Beauty Bar Location: Villa Di Felicita Models: Yayoi Jones and Zavalla Grace ...

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Fashion: Retro Glamour

Styling: Eforfashion Staging: C’est La Vie Planners Photographer: Todd Aaron Hair: Christopher Robins, Prism Beauty Bar Make-Up Artist: Krystal Vasquez Models: Lauren Ethredge and Holly Hendrix Ethredge Jewelry and Wardrobe: Queen Bee & Lion Heart Boutique Cupcakes: Hannah Barry, The ...

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A Touch of Class

Location: The Grove, Tyler, TX Photographer: Joel Allegretto Styling: Eforfashion FURS: Lauren Ethredge, Tatkov Furs Tux: Tux & Prom 101 Jewelry & Stemware: Elisa Camacho Willis, Valerosa Hair: Christopher Robin, Prism Beauty Bar Make Up: Krystal Vasquez Models: Katie Edwards, ...

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STYLE: Family Outing

Photographer: ANDREW D. BROSIG // Location: TYLER JUNIOR COLLEGE // MAY/JUNE 2016 The Meyers family shows off these spring fashions from Dillard’s for a day together in the sun.

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