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Style: Elegance Personified

  Photographer: Samuel Richmann-Stellar Photo Stylist: Elisabeth Ashley, Eforfashion Wardrobe, Jewelry & Accessories: Versona, in Cumberland Designer Eyewear: West Vison Make Up: Krystal Vasquez Hair: Christopher Robins, Prism Beauty Bar Location: Villa Di Felicita Models: Yayoi Jones and Zavalla Grace ...

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Fashion: Retro Glamour

Styling: Eforfashion Staging: C’est La Vie Planners Photographer: Todd Aaron Hair: Christopher Robins, Prism Beauty Bar Make-Up Artist: Krystal Vasquez Models: Lauren Ethredge and Holly Hendrix Ethredge Jewelry and Wardrobe: Queen Bee & Lion Heart Boutique Cupcakes: Hannah Barry, The ...

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A Touch of Class

Location: The Grove, Tyler, TX Photographer: Joel Allegretto Styling: Eforfashion FURS: Lauren Ethredge, Tatkov Furs Tux: Tux & Prom 101 Jewelry & Stemware: Elisa Camacho Willis, Valerosa Hair: Christopher Robin, Prism Beauty Bar Make Up: Krystal Vasquez Models: Katie Edwards, ...

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Fashion: Date Night

Photographer: Jennifer Willard Photography Advait Ghuge and Iliana Herrera step out on the town for date night at Liberty Hall in downtown Tyler. His clothing is from Buckle, and she’s wearing fall fashions from Jewel of Tyler. Advait’s sunglasses are ...

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