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Winter in Wisconsin


Writer and Photographer: TAMRA BOLTON // Nov/Dec 2014 Instead of taking a skiing trip to Colorado, consider giving Death’s Door a try?  No, I’m not referring to the old adage, but to Door County, Wisconsin, which got its nickname from ...

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Mysterious Caddo Lake


Writer: ANTHONY McCULLOUGH // Photos: Chase Fountain of Texas Parks & Wildlife // Nov/Dec 2014 I lie and listen through the darkness to the sounds of the night that surround me. The serenade of crickets and locusts that fills the ...

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Daddy-daughter outing at Daingerfield State Park


Writer: SEAN CHAFFIN // Photographer: BRIAN FRAZIER, Texas Parks & Wildlife // Nov/Dec 2014 It’s a father-daughter weekend and my friend, Christopher, and I, along with my 5-year-old daughter, Marie, and his daughter, 7-year-old Alex, are paddling across Lake Daingerfield. ...

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Grinders and flippers


Click image to view gallery  Writer: GRACE MALONE  // Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO   //  Sept-Oct 2014  A skateboarder roughly grinds across a metal rail and down a concrete ramp. He then goes airborne and returns on the board to the pavement ...

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65 years of plastic worms

creme lures

click image to view gallery Writer: STEVE KNIGHT // Photographer:  HERB NYGREN JR. // Sept.-Oct. 2014 Longevity is not synonymous with fishing tackle. What’s new today usually is old news tomorrow. One exception is the soft plastic fishing worm.  The ...

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Retro rides

photo by Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph

Click image to view gallery Writer and Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER // Sept.-Oct. 2014 The streets, parking lots and body shops of East Texas are filled with cars and trucks – classics, customs, hot rods, low riders, art cars and ...

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Horses rule at Texas Rose Park  

photo by Sarah A. Miller/Tyler Morning Telegraph

  click image to view gallery Writer: AIMEE ROBINSON // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER  Some of the country’s top equestrians and show horses frequent the Texas Rose Horse Park near Tyler, a riding and jumping facility that hosts world-class events. ...

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Dude ranch adventure


click image to view gallery Writer and photographer // TAMRA BOLTON // May/June 2014 Grey ropes of clouds snake toward the setting sun as my husband and I pull into Rancho Cortez, a dude ranch 60 miles northwest of San ...

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Coming to blows: Jousting at Four Winds

ren faire 7

click image to view gallery Writer:  CORY MCCOY  //  Photographer: HERB NYGREN JR.  “Charge on!” yells the master of ceremonies as the opposing knights lower their 12-foot lances and spur their steeds forward. Dirt flies, hoofs thunder and armor shines ...

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