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Hunting families


Writer: DANNY MOGLE  //  Photographer: ANDREW D. BROSIG and Courtesy Susan Bergfeld got the not-so-subtle hint that she should take up deer hunting when her husband, Julius, gave her a shotgun as a wedding gift. After learning hunting rules and ...

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Teenager summons her inner Katniss

Archery Champion Bailey Hall

Writer: DANNY MOGLE  // Photographer: ANDREW D. BROSIG  //  Sept./Oct. 2015 Baleigh Hall’s first attempt at archery was, to put it kindly, a disaster. The arrow not only missed the bullseye, it missed the entire target and even the big ...

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The tornado chaser

Storm Chaser Sean Casey

Writer:  DANNY MOGLE  //  Photographer: ANDREW D. BROSIG and Courtesy  //  Sept./Oct. 2015 Sean Casey looks a little weathered. But he has a good excuse. He’s been busy. For months, he’s been living out of hotel rooms and racing non-stop across tornado-breeding ...

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Adventure seekers

Writer:  NATHAN WRIGHT //  Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO // May/June 2015 Kayla McDaniel had never even been in an airplane the first time she went skydiving as part of a group of fellow University of Texas at Tyler students. She experienced the ...

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Winter in Wisconsin


Writer and Photographer: TAMRA BOLTON // Nov/Dec 2014 Instead of taking a skiing trip to Colorado, consider giving Death’s Door a try?  No, I’m not referring to the old adage, but to Door County, Wisconsin, which got its nickname from ...

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