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Teen anglers

Teen Angler's Fishing Team 2014

Writer: HEATHER MARIE REDIX // Courtesy Photos // Nov/Dec. 2014 “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”         ...

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Web extra: A powderpuff league of their own

Powderpuff 1

Writer:  AMANDA MAIN // Photographer: JOEY MILLER // Nov/Dec 2014 Tamara Pipkin is turning all the bad in her life into something beautiful to help others. The 44-year-old Longview grandmother has autoimmune diseases – the most debilitating being lupus – along ...

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Just say ‘thanks’

Writer: LESLIE HARRISON // Adventures in Parenting // Nov/Dec 2014 It’s Monday morning only weeks into the new school year and I’m in my kitchen sipping coffee and putting my daughter’s lunch together. She is staring into space waiting for breakfast, ...

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Take time for yourself


 Writer: CRYSTAL BREAUX  //  Life Coaching // Sept-Oct 2014  As a busy woman, do you ever get caught up in trying to “do it all?” Do you split your time between managing a career in and outside of the home, ...

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We survived our European vacation


Writer:  LESLIE HARRISON  //  Parenting  // Sept.-Oct. 2014  Although our family returned from Europe nearly a month ago, “make photo album from vacation” is still at the top of my to-do list. The more time that passes, the more “amazing, fun ...

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Sticking it!: Some swear by acupuncture


click image to view gallery Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER  //  Sept-Oct 2014  Kristi Davidson looks like a human pin cushion. As she liess face down on a padded table, about a dozen hair-thin needles protrude from ...

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Why eating and exercise plans fail


Writer: CRYSTAL BREAUX  //  Life Coaching   //  July/Aug. 2014 Think back. Did you decide at the beginning of the year to start exercising and eating better? Maybe you bought new workout clothes and purchased all of the food for ...

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Yoga for kids


  click image to view gallery Writer: DANNY MOGLE  //  Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO   Nine-year-old Brooke Tompkins is a bundle of energy. “She’s constantly moving and running around the house and acting crazy,” says her mother, Wendy. Just about the only ...

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Tame your crazy schedule


Writer: LESLIE HARRISON  //  Parenting //  July/Aug. 2014 Seriously? If I receive another email, text or other form of communication telling me to “mark my calendar” about a child/school related event, I’m going to lose my mind. I have three ...

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