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Shreveport Opera: Hitting the right notes

click image to view gallery Nov/Dec.2013 Writer:   DANNY MOGLE     By day, Ricky Thompson works in a Tyler bank. By night, he often slips into worlds of star-cross lovers, revenge and high drama all played out in fantastic settings ...

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Cheese and wine – so fine!

click image to view gallery Writer:  DANNY MOGLE    //     Photographer: HERB NYGREN JR. Festive social events, family reunions, holiday office celebrations: It’s the season when the casual party steps aside for more formal occasions; the time to find the buffet ...

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The shrine of Texas country music

click image to view gallery Writer:  DANNY MOGLE   //  Photographer: CJ WHITE Tommie Ritter Smith loves to tell the story of what happened when Kris Kristofferson first laid eyes on his showcase in the Texas Country Music Hall of ...

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