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IN Magazine to present ultimate baby planning guide

26/365 - Hah!

IN Magazine has just the thing for soon-to-be or new parents. “Darling Baby” is the ultimate baby planner taking parents from the baby pump to the first birthday. Get a sneak peek: http://www.inmagtexas.com/images/Beautiful%20Baby%20Book%20small.pdf Advertising opportunities in this special publication are available ...

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Sisterhood of the Bombers


Writer: GRACE MALONE  //  Photographers: SARAH A MILLER, GRACE MALONE  // July/August 2015 Roller skates rumble across a smooth rink as blockers form a human wall to stop the approaching jammer dead in her tracks. In a burst of raw ...

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Awesome, agile athletes

Awesome Agile Athletes

Writer: JACQUELINE FOWLER  // Courtesy Photos // July/August 2015 One bright brown doggy eye peeks into the tunnel followed by the other. Howie cautiously moves ahead as he hears a familiar voice coming from the other side. “C’mon Howie, you ...

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Tigers in East Texas  


Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER // May/June 2015 Lying contently in the back of her enclosure at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, Jasmine, a majestic 14-year-old Bengal tiger, lets out a noise that sounds like something between a ...

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Texas Theatre’s curtain call

Texas Theatre

Writer: AMANDA MAIN // Photographer: LEE LOVELESS // May/June 2015 Walking into the historic Texas Theatre in Palestine, Texas, feels a bit like traveling back in time to 1930. The original Spanish Colonial architecture and design have mostly been rebuilt ...

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Packing a punch

Megan Ybarra 4

Writer: J. DAVID BARRON // Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO // May/June 2015 When a boy smacked Megan Ybarra on the bottom, a beast was born. “It was in the eighth grade and as she was putting her trumpet back up when she ...

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Web extra: Making prom dreams come true

Writer: JAN STATMAN // March/April 2015 Cinderella never would have made it to the ball had her magical fairy godmother not provided a pumpkin coach, those sparkling glass slippers and a fabulous gown. While the Longview Zonta Club understandably is short on ...

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Melrose plantation

Melrose Plantation

Writer: JAN STATMAN // March/April 2015 Phtographers: DON CUMMINS (donairphotography.com), Association for Preservation of Historic Natchitoches, DEAUNA E. FREY Clementine Hunter painted on every possible surface: walls and wood panels, old ironing boards and discarded lampshades. Her paintings are rough, ...

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