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IN Magazine’s Fall New Home Tour opens Oct. 16

 DANNY MOGLE //  danny@inmagtexas.com  IN Magazine in conjunction with Gray’s Home Fashion Gallery is presenting the 2015 Fall New Home Tour. This year’s tour features properties from C. Cooper Custom Homes, Kelley Development, Steve Latson Construction, The New Stretford and ...

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Kacey’s comin’ home


Writer: DANNY MOGLE   // Photos: Courtesy  // Sept./Oct. 2015 Kacey Musgraves can’t get East Texas off her mind. Her new album, “Pageant Material,” is filled with references to her small-town upbringing and, come September, she’s coming home to put on ...

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Fabulous fall festivals

Syrup Festival

Writer:  DANNY MOGLE  //  Photography:  Courtesy After weeks of scorching summer heat, thankfully cooler days take over. That means it’s time to get back outside and have fun. From September through early-November, just about every town has a festival or ...

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A day with TV’s ‘Salvage Dawgs’

Photo by Tamra Bolton

Writer and Photographer: TAMRA BOLTON  //  Sept./Oct. 2015 Whenever I watch a “reality show” on television, I wonder if the people depicted are the same off camera as they are when the camera is rolling. I now know of one ...

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Sisterhood of the Bombers


Writer: GRACE MALONE  //  Photographers: SARAH A MILLER, GRACE MALONE  // July/August 2015 Roller skates rumble across a smooth rink as blockers form a human wall to stop the approaching jammer dead in her tracks. In a burst of raw ...

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Awesome, agile athletes

Awesome Agile Athletes

Writer: JACQUELINE FOWLER  // Courtesy Photos // July/August 2015 One bright brown doggy eye peeks into the tunnel followed by the other. Howie cautiously moves ahead as he hears a familiar voice coming from the other side. “C’mon Howie, you ...

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Tigers in East Texas  


Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER // May/June 2015 Lying contently in the back of her enclosure at Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, Jasmine, a majestic 14-year-old Bengal tiger, lets out a noise that sounds like something between a ...

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