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It’s hip to be square


March/April 2014 Writer:   NICK BUSKE   //   App Review In the financial world, we are told that cash is king. But, in the real world, cash is a real pain. It’s ridden with bacteria, its paper form is ...

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The (literary) world is your Oyster


Writer: NICK BUSKE   //   App Review There’s good news for those who resolve to use Smartphones and tablets to read more in 2014. While there certainly is no shortage of apps for reading books on tablets and Smartphones, ...

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The Automatic driving assistant


Writer: NICK BUSKE   //   Tech Review  //  Jan-Feb 2014 You’ve heard of the front-seat driver. Maybe you’re even married to one. My wife would be thrilled if we owned a vehicle with dual brakes. And, of course, you’ve heard ...

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