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Lauren’s musical journey

Courtesy Photo

Writer: CORY McCOY // Photos: Courtesy // May/June 2015 Lauren Alexander always knew that she wanted to be a musician, but it wasn’t until years into her career that she realized exactly what kind of music she really wanted to ...

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What we’re reading: May/June 2015

Rich in History_Fireside Books

Writer:  TINA BAUSINGER // Book Reviews “Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins Rachel Watson has issues. She’s a troubled alcoholic, obsessed with the other people’s lives she sees from her window on the train commute to and from a job ...

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 John Hartley: “Raw Realities”

Courtesy photo

Writer: DANNYMOGLE // Photos: Courtesy // May/June 2015 John Hartley is asking a lot of questions. On this night, he is standing in the middle of a gallery at Tyler Museum of Art surrounded by his bold paintings of yesteryear ...

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The secret murals of Smith County


Photos: SARAH A. MILLER // May/June 2015  Murals are not like other paintings. They have a different purpose, a different kind of effect on the lives of those who see them. They are public art in the best sense, because ...

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On Pointe! Chasing perfection


Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER // May/June 2015 Two young ballerinas in a Tyler dance studio are being asked to be on pointe, strike a graceful pose and then freeze as if suddenly they had become statues. ...

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The art of David Dunham


Writer: JAMIE L. BRIDGES // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER  As an artist, David Dunham works with both paint on canvas and ink on skin. His art captures the bright neon colors and the shapes of animated characters that have stuck ...

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Rankin Twins: ‘Good Vibes’


Writer: DANNY MOGLE // March/April 2015 To appreciate The Rankin Twins, there are a few things you need to know right away. No. 1: Amy and April are identical from their wavy blonde hair to their infectious “life is good” ...

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What We’re Reading: March/April 2015

Writer:  TINA BAUSINGER  // Book Reviews “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler This autobiography by Amy Poehler, one of the most established comedy performers of this generation, is, as you would expect, hilarious. She traces her rise to fame from humble ...

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Pottery in the pines

Gary and Daphne Hatcher

Writer: AMANDA MAIN  // March/April 2015 Combining passion with work, two East Texas potters are living what they call an “involved, integrated lifestyle.” Gary and Daphne Roehr Hatcher have been married since 1974. They were in the same high school ...

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Tyler and the Tribe: Having fun

Tyler and the Tribe 2 399

Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Photographers: DANIELLE ELLIS, CONNIE DIANE // Jan./Feb. 2015 In the video for Tyler and the Tribe’s upbeat song “Can I See You Again?” the boys  in the band are walking down a sidewalk in downtown Sulphur ...

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