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Publications Manager | Shannon Dorsey • 903.596.6369 •

Editor | Danny Mogle • 903.596.6278 •

Creative Director & Graphic Designer | DeAuna Frey • 903.596.6347 •

Sales Executive | Dawn Rhodes • 903.596.6354 •

Regional Sales Executive | Rhonda Smith 903.596.6210 •

Sales Executive | J. David Barron • 903.596.6202 •

Contributing Writers: Jennifer Babisak, Tina Bausinger, Tamra Bolton, Crystal Breaux, Nick Buske, Jackie Devine, Leslie Harrison, Karen Jones, Steve Knight,Amanda Main, Grace Malone, Brittany Lee May, Cory McCoy, Sarah A. Miller Danny Mogle, Elizabeth Starr, Sarah Starr, David Wallace

Photographers: Jennifer Babisak, Alex Becnel, Steve Beasley, Tamra Bolton, Jackie Devine, Derek Geer, Ben Huffine, Sarah A. Miller, Herb Nygren Jr., Victor Texcucano, David White, Terror Nights Haunted House, Lufkin CVB, Associated Press

Fashion Coordinator & Stylist: Alex Becnel


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