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Update Your Garden: Is your garden looking a little tired? Maybe its time for a makeover? Here’s how to do it.

BY SHARON ST. JOHN // July/August 2017

Trends come along offering new ways to decorate our homes, change what we wear and update our gardens.
For home interiors, hot trends include using lighter colors on walls and fabrics and mixing pieces of modern décor with traditional furnishings. For clothing, the latest trends call for creatively mixing colors and patterns and adding accessories that show individual style.
Just like interiors and wardrobes, gardens also need to be updated. Often, older plants have passed their prime and are either too large or thin. That brings us to the hot new trends in gardening. Here’s what to consider as you tackle a garden reboot.

Bring Interior Design Outdoors

Be adventurous by extending the style of interior décor into the garden. Start at the front curb and continue the design theme to other areas.

Bold Colors

Choose flowers in bold shades of red, coral, blue and purple. Placing a container full of bold colors near the front door gives a warm welcome to family and friends. Placing containers full of colorful plants on patios creates a vibrant and festive atmosphere for a “sitting in the garden” feeling.

Tropical Plants

Mix tropical plants into traditional landscapes. This provides an opportunity to add new flair and to inject one’s personality into the garden. Tropical plants are used often in southern states, are easy to care for and fare well in our winters.

Clean Gardening

The trend of clean gardening is achieved by eliminating the use of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, use fertilizers made of natural resources, such as bone meal or fish emulsion.
Birds are huge insect eaters. Encourage birds to hang around the garden by providing them with water, feeders and houses.

Herbs and Vegetables

Growing herbs and vegetables reflects an increased interest in being healthy. Create separate areas for growing them or mix them into established perennial beds. Besides providing fresh food, herbs and vegetables are fun to watch as they grow. They add a delightful interest to any garden.
Don’t be overwhelmed in thinking that a vegetable garden has to be huge and take a lot of work. A lot can be grown in a small space. Basil and rosemary add delightful fragrances. The beautiful blossoms of squash plants are just as enjoyable as the flowers of annuals or shrubs.
Letting children help raise vegetables and herbs offers them a wealth of activities for learning while playing. Research shows that children are much more likely to eat fresh vegetables and fruits if they have had a hand in the growing process.
The young green thumbs grow along with the plants.

Sharon St. John is a landscape designer and owns Landscapes by St. John in Tyler, Texas.

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