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On the Go: Be smart when it comes to packing for summer travel excursions

BY JOYCE-LYNN WILLIAMS // July/August 2017

I love traveling and going on vacations, but the last thing I want to do is to pack for them. In this article, I hope to make your travel life easier by discussing what to pack and how to make space in your luggage for the items you’ll acquire on vacation shopping sprees.
 First thing, first! Check the weather forecast of your travel destination. You’ll avoid disappointment and be better prepared knowing what the weather likely will be on your vacation days.
Are you that person who, no matter what, always leaves something at home that you’ll need when you travel? To avoid this, make a list of the essentials! It will help you decide which items you really need to take and help make sure that you pack them.
When it comes to packing, I’m sure many of you have heard of “the roll technique.” This involves rolling up garments before you place them in your travel bag as a way to save a lot of space.
Pick out the outfits you will wear each day and then when packing roll all the items of the outfit together. Imagine when you arrive all the time you’ll save because you won’t be going through bags looking for the separate clothing items that go together.


The key for travel is wearing transitional outfits! You might end up spending all day being out having fun and then not have the time or opportunity to go back to your hotel to change clothes for more formal evening activities.
You’ll want to make sure you have outfits that are both chic and comfortable!
Maxi dresses are favorite choices for women to wear on vacation. There’s no more a refreshing feeling like having the wind blow your dress while on the beach. The many trending styles of the maxi dress include off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder styles and dresses that feature floral prints and bright colors.
So, you’re a woman who is not really into wearing shorts but don’t want to wear long pants either. What can you do? Try wide-leg crop pants! They’re super comfortable and don’t cling to your body like jeans do.  
Sandals and wedges are tradition summer travel footwear favorites. Trending this summer are slides, which are perfect to wear for strolling through an airport or taking part in casual activities.
I don’t have to tell you how comfortable slides are. Just look at them!  


On vacation you don’t want to take along a huge bag or purse (unless you have to keep items for children with you). So, another option is the cross-body bag. This bag provides just enough room for you to carry the things you’ll need while on the go!  
What should you pack in your bag? Among the must-have items are hand sanitizer, roll up shoe soles for those girl’s night trips and snacks, such as crackers and granola bars because sometimes we get so caught up in activities that we don’t take to time to eat!
And don’t forget to carry sun screen. It is important for people to wear screen no matter what their skin type is.
I hope this helps you pack wisely for summer trips.
Be safe and have fun!

Joyce-Lynn Williams is a fashion blogger of FYI Follow Your Intuition, fyiforever.com.

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