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Hottest Home Trends: Both nature and technology have a place in today’s beautiful homes



What’s trending for interior design in 2017? An exciting and refreshing mix of pattern, lots of texture and an abundance of color!

What happens socially, economically, politically and environmentally drives home fashion trends. This year’s trends are inspired by cloud technology, social causes, a holistic lifestyle, multiculturalism and even finely crafted artisanal beer.

My favorite sources for forecasting trends include Pantone, a premier color authority, and Heimtextil, a global textile trendsetter. I turn to Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, paint manufacturers, for identifying hot new colors.

This year is all about exploration and discovery, casual living, opulent touches and balance.


Pantone’s color of the year is Greenery. This fresh shade reflects the green colors found in the outdoors and offers a feeling of revitalization. Pantone also predicts a growing popularity of vibrant colors inspired by nature’s flowers.

Look for stunning reds, bright pinks and bold corals. Pastels also are important. Sophisticated neutrals encourage us to daydream and to focus on the beauty of the moment.

The emphasis is on sunny yellow and golden amber shades that are inspired by an appreciation for craft beers. The classic black-and-white palette remains true but has been modernized with neon accents.

The color forecast from Heimtextil is rooted in both the natural world and the digital world.

Plant-based browns and leafy greens soothe. Electric colors, such as orange, energize. White, a quiet color, reflects our need to unplug and nourish ourselves. Metallic touches of precious gold, brass and bronze celebrate the world’s rich cultural story by enriching our homes.

Sherwin Williams’ Noir palette is deep and rich. Dark charcoal, blue and green encourage us to disconnect from electronic devices and turn inward. On the lighter side, the company’s Holistic palette is made up of rose, coral and pale aqua. These uplifting shades invite us to turn outward, to volunteer or reap the benefits from a healing retreat.

Gray is a key neutral inspired by cloud technology. Shades reminiscent of clouds, fog and space are elegant and universal. Another graceful neutral is Poised Taupe, which is Sherwin Williams’ color of the year.

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is Shadow, a magnificent amethyst reminiscent of mystery and mood. It’s  2017 collection offers a sophisticated palette with enticing color names that suit our lifestyle: Dinner Party (rich red), Gentleman’s Gray (deep blue-gray), Wish (ethereal taupe), Sea Star (a pretty aqua), Sea Life (lilac-gray) and Etruscan (a gorgeous gold).


Three big trends in patterns are large florals, bold geometry and graphic prints. These patterns will be seen in upholstery, rugs and wallpapers.

Expect to see plenty of natural materials, such as marble and wood. Look for marble walls to replace the kitchen backsplash. Natural fibers are being used more frequently including in woven light fixtures.

Faux finishes likely are to be trendy because they protect the renewable resources of the planet and are a more affordable option. Keep an eye out for faux fur on rugs, stools, and throws and for faux finishes, such as marbled paper.

Shimmering sheers and other see-through fabrics reflect the transparency of these times. Butterfly accents represent individual and collective transformations. Subway tile, a timeless classic, never goes out of style. Matte appliances, copper accents and glossy surfaces also are anticipated.

Experts foresee that we will embrace finely crafted furnishing that will endure the test of time and add value.


Homebuilders, such as Lennar, are offering smart homes that come with a complete automation system powered by Apple’s HomeKit. Experts point to a growing popularity of intelligent home security and innovative lighting systems.

Trashcans are being made with built-in technology that can read barcodes on garbage and identify which items can be recycled.

Furniture that folds up or into a wall meets a growing demand for space efficiency. New Murphy beds feature touchpad technology.

Some furniture now comes with docks to make recharging electronic devices convenient. Robotic personal assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, are expected to become mainstream.


Houzz, a source of home products, anticipates that people will be trying to make the laundry room feel less utilitarian and as inviting as other parts of the home. This often overlooked space often does triple duty as a mud room and storage area.

Houzz also predicts that the entry way will be receiving more attention because it sets the design tone for the entire home. Its relatively small size means new flooring or a striking accessory makes a big impact.

Must-have kitchen appliances include wine chillers/dispensers and touchless faucets. Poggenpohl’s kitchen systems are designed with USB chargers and hydraulic cabinet doors that close with the touch of a button.

In the bathroom, Kohler offers toilets with built-in nightlights so you can find your way in the dark. It even offers showerheads with wireless speakers so you can listen to your favorite music in the shower.

Layering of textures and materials is a trend that enhances any room. Don’t be afraid to combine matte with gloss, faux fur with linen, polished and woven accessories.

Have fun exploring and discovering what best suits your moods.

Patricia Wilson is an interior designer registered with Texas Board of Architectural Examiners and certified by National Council for Interior Design Qualification. She is owner/founder of deCamville Design, a full-service studio. Visit her at PatriciaCWilson.com.

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