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Go Industrial: Combine natural elements with sculptural design and then sit back and enjoy your stylish space















Story by BECKY CHELF // March/April 2017

Industrial rustic design is a new look taking center stage in the design sphere. This style combines interesting textures with streamlined, minimalistic silhouettes. It creates a relaxed atmosphere with unique accents.

This is a style I am very excited about and it is an easy way to enliven a space and expand one’s home decorating style.

Mixing metal, glass, stones and natural wood creates a casual and comfortable feel while elevating interior style. Wood and metal, combined with sculptural design elements, transform a space. Elements of industrial rustic include Edison light bulb fixtures, lamps with inventive and angular forms, metallic accents and a variety of textures.

These elements effortlessly breathe new life and a laid-back style into a home. By just adding a few key pieces, one easily can achieve this beautiful look.

Using reclaimed wood for tables and fireplace mantels is a wonderful way to use old wood and add warmth. Reclaimed wood includes unique and restored accent items, such as old doors, windows and benches that have rustic finishes. Incorporating these in décor is a great way to easily integrate the industrial rustic look and decorate in a way that is sustainable and responsible.

Tables with unstructured, live edges are works of art and create a rich look for dining rooms. Some finishes are even hand-applied, which adds character and uniqueness.

Using wood on a ceiling is another interesting and unexpected way to add texture and dimension. You can enliven monotonous, vaulted ceilings can be enlivened by bringing in wooden elements.

Really interesting industrial light fixtures and track lighting emphasize the beauty of spaces. Using unique floor lamps, such as those that look like cameras and tripods, is another way to add interest.


Metallic paints add a really remarkable touch. Use them instead of traditional paint colors. Antiquing, distressing and dry brushing adds texture as well as unusual finishes and colors to cabinets. Fabrics used in industrial rustic design are textured and relaxed – think slipcover linens with pops of color.

Metallic paintings are very exciting accessory pieces that offer a playful touch to wooden and industrial statement items. These paintings offer sparkle and energy. Their popularity recently has skyrocketed.

Form and function are extremely important in industrial rustic design. Minimalistic key elements create a tranquil atmosphere and make the home the ultimate spot for relaxation. Clean lines and reclaimed finishes exude a casual feel and create comfortable living areas.

Rustic, recycled items lend themselves easily to a carefree design profile and make for an affordable style transition for those eager to update a space. Using different elements, textures and pieces give a space an entirely new look and is a way to repurpose old materials and items.

Industrial rustic offers unique variations in silhouette and texture and creates a relaxed atmosphere. I’m excited to see how others incorporate industrial rustic flair in their homes!

Becky Chelf is an interior designer at Swann’s Furniture & Design in Tyler, Texas. She earned an arts degree and has worked in home design for more than 30 years.

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