Power of momentum

Doug Baker

Writer: DOUG BAKER  //  Spirituality  //  July/August 2015 Family vacations, for me, are a time to create memories through active play with family. It is a time to get away from the usual demands and busy schedules of life and ...

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IN Magazine to present ultimate baby planning guide

26/365 - Hah!

IN Magazine has just the thing for soon-to-be or new parents. “Darling Baby” is the ultimate baby planner taking parents from the baby pump to the first birthday. Get a sneak peek: http://www.inmagtexas.com/images/Beautiful%20Baby%20Book%20small.pdf Advertising opportunities in this special publication are available ...

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Doctor Neon

Dr. Neon

Writer: JAN STATMAN // Photographer: ANDREW D. BROSIG  // July/August 2015 Tim Reardon was enjoying the well-loved tradition of celebrating Eeyore’s Birthday in Austin’s Pease Park when a masked stranger in an elaborate costume walked up to him, pointed his ...

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Watermelon: Summer’s slice of heaven

Photo by Texas Watermelon Association

Writer: DANNY MOGLE // Courtesy Photos //  July/August 2015 What epitomizes summer more than the incredibly juicy and tasty watermelon? Many a summer church social, backyard pool party and lakeside family reunion has featured the versatile watermelon in dishes or ...

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Sisterhood of the Bombers


Writer: GRACE MALONE  //  Photographers: SARAH A MILLER, GRACE MALONE  // July/August 2015 Roller skates rumble across a smooth rink as blockers form a human wall to stop the approaching jammer dead in her tracks. In a burst of raw ...

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Life lessons of summer

By Leslie Harrison. Courtesy Photo

Writer: LESLIE HARRISON // Parenting // July/August 2015 “The theme for this summer is personal responsibility and personal growth,” I announced enthusiastically to my captive audience of three children one morning while taking them to school. We were still weeks ...

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The good life of Los Pinos

The Great Life of Los Pinos

Writer: JACQUE HILBURN-SIMMONS // Photographers: Lori Ivey, Mark Fisher // July/August 2015 There’s nothing simple about getting to the off-the-beaten-path location of Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards. Those who are directionally challenged might find the zigzag journey down narrow black asphalt ...

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Flooring trends for 2015

Courtesy Photo

Photos: Courtesy Hardwoods, tiles, stones, carpeting, area rugs. When it comes to flooring, the choices have never been greater or, for some consumers, more confusing. What’s hot? What’s not? What’s required for upkeep? How in the world does one make ...

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Treasures of Arkansas

Treasures Of Arkansas

Writer and Photographer:  TAMRA BOLTON  // Travel  // July/August 2015 I love watching movies like “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” “National Treasure” and “King Solomon’s Mines.” A good mystery combined with the possibility of riches and adventure makes for ...

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