Renewal Factory  

Holly Holland: Renewal Factory

Writer: JACQUE HILBURN-SIMMONS // Photographer: SARAH A. MILLER  Restoration artist Holly Holland doesn’t mind when people ask her about the random bullet hole in the front door of her business. She finds character in the heavy metal doors and thick ...

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Orchestrating Success

Orchestrating Success: East Texas Youth Orchestra

Writer: CORY MCCOY // Photographer: VICTOR TEXCUCANO // Jan./Feb. 2015 The hum of violins fills the air. Flutes softly chime in. A bass cello is being strummed by a musician less than half the size of the instrument. The sound ...

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Web Extra: Mama Mia! Americans in Italy

Writer: DANNY MOGLE Stephanie Chance, owner of the Decorate Ornate home décor shop in Gladewater, has for 14 years led groups on tours of Italy. She is the author of “Mama Mia, Americans Invade Italy!” “The book contains hilarious, hair-raising ...

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Job well done, Gussie Nell

Job Well Done: Kilgore Rangerettes

DANNY MOGLE // From the Editor I wish I would have met Gussie Nell Davis, the founder and longtime director of the Kilgore College Rangerettes who passed away in 1993. She sounds like one incredible lady. In doing research for ...

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Enjoy the ride

Writer: LESLIE HARRISON //  Parenting // Jan./Feb. 2015 I have a vivid childhood memory of my grandmother leaning over to point out a woman nearby. “That woman is stressed,” my grandmother reported with confidence, “the way she is pressing her ...

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Uncorked: The art and expression of Nina Cork

Uncorked: The art of Nina Cork

Writer: HEATHER MARIE REDIX // Jan./Feb. 2015 In East Texas, talented artists are using style and color infused with emotion to get the rest of the world to understand what living here is all about. Stereotypical themes of country music, ...

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Giving generously

Writer: // HERB BUIE // Spirituality // Jan./Feb. 2015 EDITOR’S NOTE: Herb Buie and his wife, Melvina, of Tyler support numerous charitable organizations, including the East Texas Food Bank. “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and ...

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How to master First Monday


Writer: JENNIFER BABISAK // Photos: Courtesy // Jan./Feb. 2014 After admiring the unique finds that my friends have snatched up on excursions to Canton’s First Monday Trade Days, I decided that I needed to check out the treasure hunt myself. Even ...

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